To know if you love theater, it's necessary to try!

First steps on the stage
Warming up: breathing, relaxing, concentrating.
Being present on the stage: looking around, letting oneself be looked at.
Expressing a feeling: smiling, laughing, crying... and inventing a person (a role), a story.
Get ready! The curtain is going up! The parents are invited to a closing performance.

Being oneself
The child discovers itself, wonders at and tastes the pleasure of acting along with others. Many exercises are done in silence, as an invitation to expressing with the body, by looking, by gestures, and by entering into one's interior silence, which in the theater undergirds the spoken word.

Confidence in oneself
On stage the child works before others. This requires courage and being sure that one is not being judged. The adults who work with them on stage show that kindness and respect expected of everyone.

Five days in the country
Workshops: morning and afternoon for five hours a day. In addition to the workshops: games in the open air, animals, social games, story reading, drawing...

Twelve participants. Workshops open to all children,
whether beginners or not.
Participation in a workshop is recommended
before enrolling in the Summer Academy.

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